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Baiq Rohmatul Habsyah NIM 12080694229 • 65742
The purpose of this study was to determine the influence of ethics, experience, and time budget pressure on audit quality. As for the object under...
Dra. Ec. Tri Lestari, M.Si. NIP: 9200034 • 658.151 Les
The problem in this study is, Why conduct and management decision making voluntary disclosure, voluntary disclosure How is decision-making, affecting...
3 Dra. Ec. Tri Lestari, M.Si NIP: 9200034 • 657-1 Les p
The purpose of this study are: to describe and analyze the accountability standards of criminal investigations by the authorities of detectives in...
Dra. Ec. Tri Lestari, M.Si. NIP: 9200034 • 657.9 Les z
: Company as Corporation, like in individual has right to have company property in developing it and receive profit from company property as well. So...
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